Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Top 10 Most Violent Fatalities in Mortal Kombat

It's no surprise that the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat series, creatively named Mortal Kombat, is an extremely violent game. The series has always been well-known for its brutal finishing moves, or "fatalities", and this game is no different.

With that in mind, let's watch the 10 most violent fatalities in the new Mortal Kombat. Be forwarned though: these videos are not for the faint-hearted.

10. Kintaro - Reverse Rip

Yes, that is the least violent move on this list. Four-armed Kintaro actually rips off the arms of his opponent, then rips off their head. Then, for aparently ro reason other than to anger the people at the ESRB, Kintaro rips his fallen enemy's head into pieces. In slow-motion.

9. Baraka - Take a Spin

It goes without saying that any character with blades protruding from his arms is going to have some pretty violent attacks. Rather than stabbing his enemy and leaving the fight there, Baraka picks them up and spins them around, causing their limbs to fly off. Pretty creative, actually.

8. Kenshi - Split Ends

It's clear from the thumbnail of that character's bisected corpse that Kenshi is a damn good fighter. Clearly, he decides that merely cleaving his opponent in half is not badass enough, and decides to do it in style by throwing them at the sword.

7. Kung Lao - Razor's Edge

Kung Lao, one of the series' protagonists, may be a nice guy, but make fun of his hat at your own peril. Based on this fatality, it seems Kung Lao has been taking inspiration from videos by The Lonely Island, throwing his hat on the GROUND!

6. Ermac - Mind Over Splatter

Ermac's battle cry of "We are many, you are but one" seems to no longer apply after this fatality, as Ermac uses his his telekinetic powers to rip his opponent to pieces.

5. Goro - Limb and Body Rip

Ah, the Limb and Body Rip - it does exactly what it says on the tin. Like Kintaro, Goro violently rips his opponent to pieces, then unnecessarily rips their corpse up in slow motion. I suppose anyone who has four arms and Herculean strength is going to want to make the most of their abilities.

4. Baraka - Up the Middle
Once again, Baraka makes creative use of his blades as he delivers a truly brutal fatality. Arguably, it's the sound effect towards the end whch really move this fatality from "gruesome" to "now you're just trying to get the game banned".

4. Shao Kahn - Fore

Nice and simple, this fatality. Basically, Shao Kahn throws his opponent into the air, then, with a swing of a hammer, repaints the area a colour known in painter's circles as "Entrails Red".

3. Kintaro - Quad Rip
That thumbnail pretty much summarises this fatality. The sad thing is, Kintaro wasn't even trying to kill his opponent - that's just his version of a handshake.

2. Noob - Make a Wish

I know what Lu Kang's wish would be in ths video - not to be slowly torn in half by Noob and watch his guts fall out of his body. Unfortunately, this wish doesn't come true.

1. Shao Kahn - Double Down

When you see someone who wears a skull for a helmet, don't mess with him. This is made abundantly clear through this fatality, as Shao Kahn rips his opponent in half from the inside, all in glorious slow-motion.

So, there you have it. Next time someone stubs their toe and starts complaining about it, point them to this article so they can see that things could be much worse.

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